Dear Eric,

Denny and I had a wonderful time on this unique tour. The Amalfi Coast is enchanting... Naomi Boutique Tours again placed their special touch on everything from our geval​di​g ​amazing hotels to charming, delicious dining experiences to magnificent and interesting sites to explore.

We hope to see you on another tour soon!


Debra and Denny Berman (Vietnam & Cambodia , Feb 2017)


Hello from LA LA land,
I am still in Siem Riep on the water lilies…What an excursion. It was beyond the beyond. I am ready for more!!!!!
I want to join the Amalfi Tour with my husband Peter this time…. We miss you Eric there is no one to take care of us. :(
Syannora from LA LA land
Be blessed

Sarah Weintraub (Vietnam & Cambodia , Feb 2017)



Dear Naomi and Eric,

Can't believe it! Yesterday we were walking through the lotus fields.......twenty four hours later we are back to the reality of grey gloomy London, though to be honest the sun is peeking through and it is quite mild!
We've just arrived back safely, b"h, after a long uneventful but pleasant flight from Saigon, and our minds are brimming over with wonderful memories of the last two weeks....and we want to thankyou , thankyou, thankyou Naomi and Eric. We have just spent an amazing, fantastic, unforgettable trip thanks to you, learning about two countries and their customs we had never imagined we would or could visit, considering that food and wine is THE absolute necessity of any journey we take!!! You made all that possible....and more! Perfect organisation, perfect gourmet food, perfect guides, perfect tefillot, perfect weather......though you are really not responsible for that....and a super perfect group of people who will certainly remain friends forever thanks to you! Don't want to give you a big head.....but yes, you were both fantastic as was Menachem!
We loved every minute.....you thought of everything ......giving us opportunities to try out new ways of locomotion....helicopters, mopeds, motor bikes, canoes, bamboo baskets, motor boats, tuktuks.....we are so tired we've probably forgotten some....pagodas, temples, museums, opera, circus,shopping, massages....you name it ...we did it....never a dull moment!
We wish you the same success on the Japan trip....sure it will be fabulous. We look forward to hearing all about it...iy'h hope we will do it too.
Enjoy every minute and make sure everyone is punctual!
Thank you again,
Keep in touch,
Uncle Ho and his faithful mate

Ruth and Nathan Grunbaum (Vietnam & Cambodia , Feb 2017)


Dear Eric, Naomi and Maya,

Great trip, great people, great delicious food, beautiful countryside, fine wine, unbelievable scenery, great art, so interesting as to Judaic history. Kayak makes for interesting stories and how the French Legion brought us happily to shore. Thanks to all for making this such a wonderful trip.

Shabbat Shaalom!!!!

Eli and Ronnie Schlossberg (Provence , July 2016)

Thank you for providing us such a wonderful memorable experience.
Thanks for a GREAT trip.

Lolly and Herzie Bak(Provence , July 2016)

Hope you guys are doing well and have wound down from the trip. 
We had a great time!
Shabbat shalom,
 and Stacey Goldman (Italian Lakes & Switzerland , July 2016)

We thank you for an amazing trip. Naomi was incredible & didn't miss a single detail. 

Marilyn & Jaime Sohacheski​ (Italian Lakes & Switzerland , July 2016)


Dear Eric,

I do not know what to say…

The owner and all the staff were really happy as all your valued guests had a wonderful stay to Relais San Lorenzo.

Personally it was a great pleasure to work with you and maybe, one day, it is going to happen again.   

One more time send my best wishes to Mrs. Naomi, to Mrs. Asher, to Ariel and Lauren; all of them were very helpful and did our job much easier.

For any further information please do not hesitate to contact me as I will be glad to support you.

With friendship and great regards,

Gianluigi Galeota

Front Office Manager

(Italian Lakes , July 2016)

We had a fabulous time
Best ever. And Na
mi ran an amazing show
Jacob Herzog 
(Croatia , June 2016)
Dear Naomi and Eric-
We are back in New York and so far away...
I cannot believe what an amazing vacation and wonderful time you gave us.
You took care of every detail (even the weather), and organized such a fun group (OK, almost...)
Thank you so very much. Looking forward to travelling with you again, IY"H!
Best regards, 
Feigy and Yossi
 Geliebter​ (Croatia , June 2016)
Eric and Naomi,
It is now 4 weeks since our return from our wonderful trip to
Croatia, and we are still talking about our trip.
You did such a fabulous job.
We tell everyone how our trip was not 5 star but rather a 10 star event.


and Elaine
Taragin (Croatia , June 2016)
Helen and I really enjoyed the Amalfi trip and are looking forward to Croatia.
Len Goodman (Amalfi Puglia, May 2016)
Thanks for this list and for a really great trip.  
Charlie and Joanne Bacall (Amalfi Puglia, May 2016)
Back in Jerusalem!
Thank you Eric and Naomi for a beautiful trip to Amalfi​ & Puglia​.  
Anne and Arthur Gober (Amalfi Puglia, May 2016)
Sitting in Rome airport waiting for flight to NY, then on to Florida. Thanks to Eric, Naomi and Ariel for a wonderful trip (especially the Puglia bonus) and to all our companions, who added to our enjoyment.
Michael and Judy (Amalfi Puglia, May 2016)
Hi Eric and Naomi
Thank u for all your efforts in making the tour a wonderful experience. 
Mimi and Allen Schachter (Amalfi Puglia, May 2016)
Eric, Naomi and Ariel, 
A beautiful trip, rich with wonderful experiences and lovely people.  Thanks to you, and all the participants, for making this such a memorable vacation.  
Gila Alpert (Amalfi Puglia, May 2016)
Wow!! Eric, Naomi and Ariel that was yet another incredible trip filled to the brim with memories for a lifetime.
Thank you for organising such an amazing adventure filled with stunning views, remarkable history, hikes, great food, lots of laughter and most importantly a wonderful group of people to share it with. 
Missing everyone and Italy:)
Carol and Cheryl (Amalfi Puglia, May 2016)
Eric and Naomi
Thank you for a most interesting and memorable trip.
Robert and Madeleine Rosenberg (Amalfi Puglia, May 2016)
We've boarded for TLV
These dudes could learn a thing or two from your operations!
Thanks again for creating WONDERFUL Memories!
Leah and Ralph Rieder (Amalfi Puglia, May 2016)
Back in Israel and missing all my wonderful friends.
We would never have stayed in such amazing hotels, visited so many places or experienced so many different adventures without Eric's planning and his teams help.
Thank you Eric for a wonderful trip.
Linda and Jeff (Amalfi Puglia, May 2016)
Thanks again Eric and Naomi for everything!!!!
Sarah Hermelin (Southern Africa, Feb 2016)
Eric & Naomi did a superb job in making a trip to South Africa a most memorable experience. By the
middle of the first meal we were all old friends who enjoyed the next 12 days together in harmony.
In case one neglected for a moment to recognize the beauty that surrounded us, Eric was there with his
youthful exuberance to remind us. His capacity of constantly recognizing and being forever impressed
with the נפלאות הבורא is truly humbling.
NOTHING was lacking and EVERYTHING was perfectly executed with style & class.
We can't wait to book our next trip with Naomi Tours, regardless of where it may be.
Riva & David – Queens, NY (Southern Africa, Feb 2016)
Thanks for a great trip.
Leonard Cohen (Vietnam & Cambodia, January 2016)
Wishing you Bon voyage on your next trip.
If the tour participants have half as good an experience as we did.....they will have a wonderful time! Thousands of photos being sifted ready to share with all in due corse. Best wishes to you and Naomi and the family.
Sandra and Ben Vincent (Vietnam & Cambodia, January 2016)
Hi Eric,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note expressing our appreciation for a great trip .Although initially I was apprehensive about a group trip it was ill founded and Ellen and I both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves .It was a great group, great hotels , superb food and well run from A to Z.
Best Rgds,
Emanuel and Ellen Kronitz (Vietnam & Cambodia, January 2016)
We are back in Jerusalem after a few days in Hong Kong and want each of you to know that we too feel so blessed to have had such enjoyment from each of you on a day to day...I mean, meal to meal, basis! Hope to see you in Jerusalem, Chicago, or on another of Eric's trips!
Lenny and Pam Cohen (Vietnam & Cambodia, January 2016)
לאריק ונעמי ולמטיילים היקרים שלום רב,
זה לא מכבר חזרנו הביתה, מלאי חוויות ורשמים מהטיול הנהדר לוויטנאם ולקמבודיה.
ועל כל אלה אנו מודים לכולכם, חברתכם נעמה לנו מאד.
תודה והערכה מיוחדת לאריק נעמי ומנחם על תכנון מדויק ובצוע מעולה-באווירה מיוחדת ללא פשרות.
ישר כוחכם על הצלחת הטיול הנפלא,
ולהתראות בטיולים נוספים-אי"ה
בידידות רבה
חיים ויהודית הרמן (Vietnam & Cambodia, January 2016)
We are currently in Thailand awaiting our flight back to Israel, so we have a moment to reflect on what a wonderful time we had. It was eye-opening and expanded our universe. We enjoyed the company of the entire group and we are especially appreciative of the excellent tour and all the preparation that went into it. Thank you Eric and your entire crew.
Gerry and Judy Zierings (Vietnam & Cambodia, January 2016)
Dear Fellow Travelers,
As excellent as the physical and gastronomic aspects of our travels in S.E.Asia were it is you, our fellow travelers, who made this trip. Thank you for the jokes, warm smiles, help, patience, advice and providing a joyous atmosphere. We do so look forward to spending more time with each and everyone of you. Thank you Eric for a wonderful 2 weeks and most certainly for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful fellow travellers. We miss you all already and hope to see you in the not too distant future. Safe travels.
Ron and June Daniels (Vietnam & Cambodia, January 2016)
Eric and Naomi,
Dena and I had a magnificent "Taste of Tuscany" , we feel like mishpacha with you and we appreciate all , thank you so much.
Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom and a Ktiva Vchatima tova,
Nochum and Dena Aber (Tuscany, August 2015)
Watching you pay attention to every detail was the highlight of the trip for me.
I really appreciated your meticulous oversight.
Looking forward to future trips with you.

Ronny Hersh (Provence, July 2015)
Thank you so much again for a wonderful week in Provence. I learned a great deal about the Jewish history of the area as well as the general culture of Provence. Most of all, I finally fulfilled my dream to see the light that the Impressionists (or at least Cezanne and Van Gogh) saw.
Rosmary Linsider (Provence, July 2015)
We thank Eric, Aya Isaac and Ninna for a lovely week - beautiful vistas and wonderful new friends. We had a great time!!!
Bernice and Tommy Kohn (Provence, July 2015)
Great trip! We hope to join you on more trips.
David & Vivian Mark (Provence, July 2015)
Hakoras hatov goes first to you both and of course Ninna. charnie and I had a really special memorable time on your inaugural tour of the northern lakes of Italy. your high level of professionalism and personal care of each person's needs and desires is totally evident as is your constant concern that all gets seen and done.....great job; we had a great time!
Stan ​and Charnie ​Waintraub (Italian Lakes, July 2015)
Dear Naomi & Eric,
wanted to take a moment to thank you for including us in another spectacular Naomi Boutique Tour.It was truly a special week. Can't wait to hear good news from your family at the right time.
Susie and Kal Fishbein (Italian Lakes, July 2015)
Thank you to Eric, Naomi, Susie and Kal, picture perfect location, setting, cooking classes, meals and amenities. You made it so comfortable and easy for all! Yasher Koach on job well done!
Naomi & Beverly (Italian Lakes, July 2015)
Croatia was wonderful, and we enjoyed every minute.
Tara & Irv Golombeck (Croatia, June 2015)
Thank you all for the great company. special thanks to Naomi, Eric, Ninn​a and Ronnie
for the wonderful planning and inspiring trip.
Rachele & Raphi (Croatia, June 2015)
Our trip to Croatia was wonderful and filled with fun and good company. Your enthusiasm, Eric, is infectious and puts everyone in a great mood. You also attract a wonderful diverse group of wonderful frum people. Many thanks,
Joyce and Michael​ Frank (Croatia, June 2015)
Thanks Eric and Naomi for a wonderful tour; thanks Ninna for the photos; thanks to all for the great company and for adding to our memorable, special experience.
Libby​ and Ron Moss, Sydney (Croatia, June 2015)
THANK YOU and NINNA for allowing all of us to experience a deluxe Kosher Croatia . It was an extraordinary trip with a wonderful group of people. How lucky we all are to have shared this trip together.
NINNA- thanks for all the great pictures. Looking at them will give us lasting memories.
Fran and I are already looking forward to our next Eric trip (this was #4). I already miss the Croatian white wine!!!

Fran and David Kalish (Croatia, June 2015)
Thanks again for a great trip.As always you overlook nothing & take care of everything in a first class manner.
Hopefully we can join you again. 
Ronnie Gottlieb (Croatia, June 2015)
 We are back home BH with beautiful memories and feelings of thanks to you and Naomi for such a special spectacular trip.
From beginning to end you thought of everything to make this trip a memorable experience.
Please keep us posted on any future trips.
Regards and thanks,
Judy and Chaim Herman (Croatia, June 2015)
Thanks again for a memorable trip and arranging the birthday celebration. 
Charles T. Goldberg (Croatia, June 2015)
I want to thank you for such a marvelous, stupendous, fantastic, fun, delightful, entertaining, outrageous, delicious, even spiritual trip.      
You both know how to do it right! Wishing you continued success and may Hashem bentch you both with only healthy and happy years together filled with strength to continue showing people the beautiful world! Thanks again!
Best Regards, 
 Yuyu Kohn (Croatia, June 2015)
Thanks to everyone for great company and to Eric and Aya for meticulous planning and arrangements.
Gillian Braunold (Spain & Portugal, May 2015)
Thank you for a wonderful trip. We appreciate the hard work and effort on yours and Aya part to make our experience a memorable one.
Anne and Arthur Gober (Spain & Portugal, May 2015)
Thanks to Eric and Aya et al for a great trip and thanks to all of you for welcoming us so warmly even though we were noch schleppers, arriving only for the Portugal part. Of course, the Roman ruins were the highlight of the trip! Chag Shavuoth Sameach to all.
Cheryl and Eddie Dauber (Spain & Portugal, May 2015)
Asher and I would like to thank you for a wonderful Tuscany experience. Everything was perfect. We were able to see so much and feel the Italian lifestyle with a great group of people. I would especially like to thank you for being so accommodating of Asher's diet restrictions. It made our vacation experience so much better.
All the best,
Lisa and Asher Brukner (Tuscany, April 2015)
I want to thank you for letting me participate in this magical tour. The truth, I cannot find the right words to describe the few days with you and all those nice people. I hope Hashem will give you the strength to continue making people happy for many, many years to come.
Hopefully I will be able to join you again in the near future.
All the best.
Rachel Salomon (Tuscany, April 2015)
It is difficult to believe that our family trip of a life time has come and gone after a year of planning.  What we are left with are great memories that this truly was a trip of a life time. The entire family is speaking of this. We thank you for providing to all of our needs and we know there were many.
With great appreciation for all of your efforts including extra unexpected details-- such as Shabbat flowers in our room, snacks to enjoy, and a farewell Wildlife book on South Africa, to name just a few.
Again another terrific tour with Naomi Boutique.
Thank You
Judy and Morry Weiss (South Africa, Jan 2015)
It really was a great trip. It's a shame you can't bottle laughter, excitement and wonder at seeing new places. Then we could open it every so often and enjoy the moment all over again . Oh well will have to rely on wonderful memories and of course now the video. 
Lots of love
Risa and Zalman Klyne, Manchester UK (Vietnam, Jan 2015)
What a wonderful memento! Thank u!!
Sara and Tanchum Portnoy, NY, (Vietnam, Jan 2015)
Hi all, I also wanted to get my 2 cents in and express how wonderful this trip was. The itinerary was well thought out and really covered a lot, besides wanting another day in Bangkok! but the best part was the group! I felt blessed to go on this trip with very good friends but the real icing on the cake was making new friends and we enjoyed spending time with each and every one of you, in gratitude,
Shari and Maurice Gluckstadt NJ (Vietnam, Jan 2015)
Wow!  This is truly a beautiful capsule of our wonderful trip!
Many thanks  for making this a wonderful and amazing trip.  Now that I have settled in, I realize that the Cherry on the Cake, is the wonderful memories and
Friends I came home with!
May we share many many more!
Kathy Benedict NY (Vietnam, Jan 2015)
As Shabbat is around the corner, wanted to wish everyone a shabbat shalom.
We had a grand time, thank you to all those who made it possible and to our new and old friends for giving us memories to last a lifetime.
Thank you Eric and the whole team for putting together such a great video that brings amazing memories, for us it was the trip of a lifetime, made Gerry's birthday a truly unforgettable experience. 
Perla and Gerardo (Vietnam, Jan 2015)
I can't believe tomorrow will be shabbas and I won't have all of you to sing zmirot with and enjoy a delicious and beautifully authentic Asian prepared shabbas meal.
It was a whirlwind of a trip with memories that will stay with all of us for a lifetime. The photos are amazing, and it's hard to believe how much we accomplished in just two weeks. Paul and I shared wonderful moments and conversations with each of you and this "birthday celebration trip" for us was one that we will treasure always. 
Our deep gratitude again for a journey together that was very special indeed. Every facet was planned meticulously down to the last detail and we're appreciative for the opportunity to fulfill our dream of visiting SE Asia. Thank you to all of you and your respective teams and of course HKB"H for bringing us all back home safe and happy.
May each of you be blessed with much yiddishe nachas from your families and always celebrate in good health smachot and wonderful moments in your lives. 
Thanks for being such an amazing group to travel with,
Shabbat shalom 
Much love 
Esther and Paul Lerer NJ (Vietnam January 2015)
Now that I am back into the swing of things, I feel that I have to share my feelings concerning the adventure of the past two weeks. I loved the compact itinerary where you feel that all of the time was used to the fullest. 
Eric, you did an excellent job in planning and organizing this amazing experience for everyone. The sights, sounds, and laughter still play out in my mind. 
I have to especially mention our group which made this trip the most memorable I have ever taken. The memories of what everyone said and the stories that were told exposed us to the lifestyles of others. This brought us closer to everyone, making us feel like we have known each other for years.
I hope we have the opportunity to enjoy each others company, wherever it may be.
Dolly Benedict (Vietnam January 2015)
From sleepless in Teaneck! The trip was something out of a book and the people were so friendly and inclusive . We came home yesterday and promptly ordered some food from a place called Veggie Heaven which serves the kinds of food we ate on the trip. 
What a great experience! We will be on the look out for a trip in the future! Enjoy South Africa!!!
Bev and Talya Kellen NJ (Vieetnam Jan 2015)
It was a pleasure cruising with you and an amazing group to Croatia! Everyone who sees our photo album is amazed at Croatia's beauty.
Shabbat Shalom
Yoni and Avrum Stein (Croatia August 2014)
This e mail is simply Shabbat greetings and inquiring as to how Eric is feeling.  I will e mail you next week as to the wonderful excursion to Scotland.
We so enjoyed and appreciated having the opportunity to spend time together with you both in Scotland.
Jonathan and Leora Kukin NJ (Scotland Summer 2014)
Just a short note to thank you for a great trip
Sherri and Basil Herring NY (Scotland Summer 2014)
Sandy & I would like to thank you both for providing an incredible vacation week in Scotland. We enjoyed everything – the hotels, touring, activities, camaraderie and the wonderful meals. Keep up the good work and we hope you enjoy a well-deserved restful Shabbat.
Sandy & Bruce Lilker, NY (Scotland Summer 2014)
This note is way over due. It is with the fondest of memories that we had the honor of joining your tour to Provence. It far surpassed our expectations. Your extremely well orchestrated tour left nothing out... From Kleenex to coffees along the way to gourmet meals to a beautiful banquet dinner with incredible music....
All the tours and your tour guides were amazing.
Thank you so much or enriching our lives and giving us such incredible memories to have IY'H for a lifetime.
We have so much Hakaras hatov to you and your amazing staff. Aya, her husband, Susie Fishbein, chef Levy, the hotel staff... The list can go on and on.


Carol Jacobowitz and her girls... Sheryl, Caren, Tova and Cheryl (Provence May 2014)
Symee & I had a really great time in Provence.  
We were very impressed with the quality of your tour and how well thought out it was.  Together with Aya and your whole staff you enabled us to see and learn about Provence and it's Jewish history in a first class manner.  
We wish you and Naomi a Mazal Tov on your upcoming simcha.  
Chag Sameach        
Avi and Symee Citron (Provence May 2014)
(From Tripadvisor – Tigmiza Suites Hotel)
We were there with Naomi Boutique Kosher Tours. The best leaders you'll want to travel with. The hotel went out of their way to accommodate us. As a result we had the most memorable experience. Couldn't have been better. 
Leiby and Hindy Friedman NY (Morocco Spring 2014)
Thanks for everything. We had a wonderful time.
Judy and Lanny Oppenheim (Provence May 2014)
I wanted to thank you  both for the magical time that we had in Morocco.  Both Betty and I enjoyed the Morocco tour a lot, and we appreciate all the effort that you put into it in order to make it happen.  We liked all of the hotels, and we
definitely did especially appreciate the villa in Tigmiza!

Aya -- we wanted to add that we both REALLY enjoyed that last day visiting
the countryside around Marrakech.... it turned out to be one of our favorite
days of the entire tour.   Hey!  We DID get to see a tiny bit of the desert,

Thank you very much for a wonderful time.
Heshi and Betty Fischman NY (Morocco Spring 2014)
Still in Paris, but wanted to thank you very much for a marvellous , high quality and memorable trip through Provence....with every minuscule detail thought out and carried through smoothly!!
I hope, B'H, to have the opportunity in the future to travel with you and your superb Team ....
Be sure to let us know, Naomi, how you looked in your beautiful gown....
MAZAL TOV to you and Eric and family!  Again, thank you for offering total dedication to us, your "travellers"!
A bientot, 
Warmest regards,
Lilly Fenig (Provence May 2014)
Thank you for an amazing trip!!
The sights were all so different and interesting
We really got a full flavor of Provence with the most delightful & knowledgeable guide
The food was plentiful and beautifully presented.
Susie was a wonderful treat at the end of the tour days
You & Aya rolled with the punches & creatively adapted the trip when necessary & managed to comfort us with ever last detail
It was a great group
Thank you for providing us all with a warm & wonderful ambience 

Mazal Tov again to you & Naomi
Please delight us all with a pic of you all dressed up at the wedding
All the best

Ann Philips (Provence May 2014)
Thank u for giving all of us such wonderful memories.
Nathan Braun (Provence May 2014)
It was my first trip with you but I doubt that it will be the last.  It was a marvelous trip in every way--the people, the sights, the guides, Aya, the food and even the wine.   You do it with a very "full hand" but I think what impressed me the most is your passion, emunah and your divrei torah which are so on target.
Hope to see again soon.
Beryl Niewood (Provence May 2014)
Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful dream vacation.We appreciate all the effort that goes in to a trip like this. Your wonderful staff went above & beyond to fulfill all expectations.The Shabbat arrangements you made were superb (a true oneg Shabbat) Continued success in all your endeavors. Hope to travel again with you soon.
Estelle & Leo Wiener (Provence May 2014)
thank you so much for our family girls trip of a lifetime!
still feeling that it was a dream!
Tova Begun (Provence May 2014)
Arthur and I wish to thank you very much for this wonderful trip. As you know, and as we have expressed several times, we had high expectations and it surpassed even those. You were very gracious and generous hosts and your sense of humour and spontaneity lightened whatever obstacles arose.
We now have to get back to the normal rhythm of life, which, for Arthur, is frenetic and, for me, full of the obligations that family life imposes and B.H. for that. It also meant that I was back to Toast and marmite this morning.
We shall continue to check your future itineraries although we shall have to work for a while until taking off this kind of leisure time any time soon. Saying that though, we have been wanting to take a South Vietnam trip for the last 3 years. Who knows?
This friday, I am off to London for a week so I just have time to switch suitcases. I might even try the 7 kilo rule, although that could be just my hand luggage.
All the very best and hope to keep in touch,


Bernice and Arthur Fogel (Provence May 2014)
Yes the cabins are small, but we adjusted to it.  It's a different experience than a floating city, and we loved the trip. It was one of the best vacations we've taken: beautiful scenery, interesting tours and activities, wonderful people, good food, laughter, and fun. Eric is a good person and very competent. He was able to turn on a dime and adjust our itinerary with everyone's consent to accommodate the changes in weather. You'll love it.
Ina and David Tropper (Greece Summer 2013)
We made it back in one piece!  I just wanted to let you both know what a wonderful time we had with you.  It was truly hard to leave paradise.
Because Naomi left in a hurry, I wanted to make sure she knows how sorry we are about her father's passing.  May Naomi and the whole family be comforted among the mourners of Jerusalem and Zion.
We hope it won't be too long before we will have the opportunity to travel again with you on another wonderful adventure.
Warmest regards,

Caroline and Jay Schechter (South Africa February 2014)
I just want to say thank you all for a really wonderful experience of India. Debbie and I had a great time, as I am sure every one else did.
You had a very full on programme but all was so well organised and the cities and sites we saw were an unforgettable. The time off we had in Udaipur was well earned and appreciated by all of us who came there.
When one goes on a group tour with unknown participants, one is always worried about the trip. BH, overall the group got on well together and were very punctual with the departure times.
Robert Nossbaum, Melbourne  (India January 2014)
Thank you, Naomi and Maya (don't forget my destination wedding idea) for a wonderful trip!  I truly know how much effort and organization goes into planning such a deluxe trip.  Since i Iost six pounds and sol ten, you can advertise the trip as the Eric and Naomi Indian gourmet marathon diet adventure.  Seriously, it is difficult to manage such a large group with so many personalities and yet you were extremely successful.  Thanks for organizing another trip of a lifetime.
Best regards,
Janet & Sol Wenig (India January 2014)
Can’t believe it’s only been a week since I gave my Presidential speech last Shabbat.
When I set out on this adventure I had no idea what to expect, not too sure about India & certainly not too sure of travelling with so many people I’d never met before.
Well, I can truly say that I’ve had the time of my life, met the most wonderful people and can’t wait for our next adventure together.
I’ve included Sandeep in this email as he too became part of our extended family. He was brilliant throughout.
Ruth & Nathan, so sorry to hear about your terrible return journey. We missed you!
Udaipur was beautiful, but for me the highlight was Jaipur, absolutely loved that place, hope they invest in new golf carts or better battery charges in time for our next visit!!
It was quite sad on our last night as there was only 5 of us (including Sandeep) having dinner!
Robert, thanks so much for your Rice crackers as you saved the day, our Kosher meal on the flight was too disgusting for words!!
Mel, can’t wait for our next Bloody Mary!!
Brenda, hope your mobile is functioning ok now, don’t forget to try out the iphone!
Sol, have you eaten your cow!! Loved meeting you & Janet
Zvi & Tzippy hope you had a lovely time in Delhi, heard the hotel was very beautiful.
Eric, Nomi or Naomi Or Nemi & Maya, thank you for everything you did on our behalf. Unforgettable trip.
Today I went to our local store & started bargaining with the shopkeeper, forgot I was back home!!
Shelly & Gaye, thanks so much for all your brilliant work which must have left you exhausted, attached photo taken after Shelley had finished typing out all his lists!!!!
Much love from a dreary & very cold & windy Manchester
Jimmy & Lynn Attias, Manchester (India January 2014)
Thank you so much for everything.
Tzippy & Zvi Katz, Jerusalem/ Mexico (India January 2014)
Greetings to you all from a very soggy London - really missing the Indian sunshine and colours and of course your wonderful company. Thanks for the pictures - happy memories.. keep them coming.
 Thank you Eric for your enthusiasm and meticulous organisation - we'll be back!
Barbara & David Cohen, London (India January 2014)
What can we say, another amazing trip perfectly executed!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for a special time and the opportunity to meet such special people. 
As for the scotland trip it looks right up my alley but you will have to discuss dates with me before planning :) unfortunately we get back from israel on march 23 and our daughter, Aliza, is the lead in her school play that night. Will have to catch the next one. 
Have a restful and meaningful Shabbat. 
Melly and Rochelle Lifshitz NY ( India / Iberia / Morocco / Provence 2014)
Hello to all from sunny but snow filled cold New York. It was a wonderful trip with wonderful people. Thank you Eric for doing such a fine job. We all will always share very special memories of India.
Shabbat  shalom to everyone.
Lorraine & Len Dauber (India January 2014)
Jake and I thought this trip was an A+.  Although we had been to India before, we found each day filled with new and exciting experiences.  The trip was exceptionally well organized and well balanced.  This was our third trip with Naomi's Catering and it even surpassed your other tours, which we thought were fabulous.
Thanks for a wonderful trip,
Judi and Jake Ackerman (India January 2014)
Thanks, Eric, Naomi, and Maya, for a great trip, tiring but fascinating and fun - a good group.
Thanks too for the extra perks - the rides to and from airport.
Looking forward to the next different experience.
All the best.

Faygie & Phil Schwartz (India January 2014)
Thanks for everything last week. As usual, wonderful!!

Matthew & Renee Miller, Jerusalem (Provence, Oct 2012)

Thinking of you, we have wonderful pictures and even better memories of an awesome trip! Love

Liz & Michael Muschel, NY (Provence, Oct 2012)

We truly enjoyed meeting you all and had a wonderful week.
Regards and le'hitraot

Morris & Doreen Sosnovitch, Toronto (Provence, Oct 2012)

I have nothing but great memories of the Italy trip. Larry and I would love to do another trip

Meryl & Larry Weprin, Ohio (Tuscany with Susie F July 2012)

Thank you for a most amazing trip.
We truly enjoyed every aspect of the tour from your warm accommodating nature to your
generosity and making sure that there was no item overlooked. The quality of people,
the hotels, the bus, and the overall ambiance were A+.
My wife and I look forward to our next adventure with you.

Seth Fireman, NY (Tuscany with Susie F July 2012)

Thank you so much for memories that will last a lifetime.
There were many reasons this trip was special for me, but mostly because it allowed my mother,
sister and I to spend very special time together, that we would likely never have been able to accomplish
had it not been for the unique atmosphere that your trip generates.

Warmest appreciation for a sensational trip.
Everything about this exceptional week was so memorable. The terrific group of people, congenial and inclusive;
the hotels in Venice and Lucca; the delicious meals; the itinerary and organized trips;
the wine; the wine; the wine; Susie's lovely presentations and of course, Eric.
This was a wonderful celebration of my birthday and I loved every minute of it.

Arlene Silverstein, NY (Tuscany with Susie F July 2012)
Thank you everyone for making this an memorable experience that I (and even Sander) are still talking about!!
Hopefully we will meet up again for another fabulous adventure!!!

Tracy Gerber, NY (Tuscany with Susie F July 2012)

Miss you all, it's amazing how close we all became in only one week. We may just have to plan a reunion!

Beatriz Ackerman, NY (Tuscany with Susie F July 2012)

We too wish to tell you what a lovely trip it was - the group, the interesting conversations
around the tables and on the bus rides, the incredible vistas, the terrific food - the memories will last,
and we are already planning for the Greek cruise next year!

Anat & Elisha Gertner, Jerusalem(Tuscany with Susie F July 2012)

I didn't get a chance, the last evening of the tour, to properly thank you for a fantastic tour.
My mom, sister and I had a wonderful time. The tour was action packed and highly informative.
The crowd was unusually eclectic but everyone seemed to meld together.
I don't think I sat with the same people at dinner more than once.
I think my mom has already convinced my dad to go off to Australia and New Zealand so please...
forward information of upcoming tours.

Rina Gross, NY (Tuscany with Susie F July 2012)

We had a really great time and we are looking forward to our next trip with Eric and Naomi.


It was truly fabulous, rocky seas and all!
Thanks for all the effort you put in and for making it so memorable.

Sarah & Stephen Kay, London (Greek Isles Cruise, 2012)

Thank you for an extraordinary trip.

Zalmen & Machi Blau, NY (Greek Isles Cruise, 2012)

I have to tell you that was such an incredible trip.
For me, Tuscany is beautiful and the food and wine were incredible (which usually isn't my first priority-well maybe the wine)
but more importantly I feel like you restored my faith in mankind.
I felt like I met someone (you) who pays attention to detail - has a great work ethic and basically "gets it".
Somehow seeing u giving such service and being generous with your time and money reminded me
that I do what I do because I enjoy doing it (like u) and truly want to help these people-
it may not be "standard "medical care but it's the only way I can do it
Now I think that's a hell of a lot to get out of a one week trip but you never know
when or where u get the strength to go on .....so I thank you!
And I course I thank my mom for agreeing to take me on such a phenomenal trip!

Lisa Finkel-Weinstock, NY (Tuscany, May 2012)

Chanie, Malkie, Ronie and I thank you for a truly wonderful week in
Tuscany. We had a great memorable time.

Chaya Shafran, NY (Tuscany, May 2012)

Jejasher Koachechem for what you did to us. We are still in aftershock.
I think that the best remedy is to subscribe to another visit.

Josef I. Paluch, Tel-Aviv (Tuscany, May 2012)
I am still on such a high from such a fabulous trip!
I hope to join you again with my husband in the near future!

Atara Ross, LA (Tuscany, May 2012)

Back from Kathmandu - utterly exhausted and completely exhilarated!
We felt like we were on a different planet. The sight-seeing plane ride is something we will never forget.
We were invited to stand in the cockpit with the pilot as he pointed out the different mountains,
including Mt. Everest.
It was a thrill! Thank you for a fantastic journey!

Jeff & Caren Goldenberg, Chicago (India, Feb 2012)

It's going to take more than a mere few days to absorb the experiences that we all shared last week.

Last week-- and a world away! The colors, the honks and bells, the press of bodies,
the sights that will remain unmentioned, the information and attitudes that still remain unbelievable,
are still worming their ways through my subconscious along with the more describable memories.
The cohesion and mutual cooperation of the group are the more palpable and positive feelings that cling to me.
It somehow seems that the very moments that were most challenging for us,
were the ones that brought out the mutual help and caring toward one another.
and began friendships that I hope we build upon.
It was your good humor and personal caring, plus your determination to make the best use of our time
(and your sensitivity to the female's need to shop), that made EVERY moment of the trip just plain WONDERFUL!
Best wishes from Simcha and myself,

Esti Fass, Jerusalem (India , Feb 2012)

We were and still are in awe of our adventure.

Every part of it, yes, from the Taj Mahal to the Delhi train station
(who can forget us in the bathroom there with Lori giving us lessons!)
From the mania of Varanasi to the specialness of Cochin.
There is not a moment that we wouldn't have wanted to experience.
The shmootz, the crowds, the nudging by the pedlars, all added vibrancy and colour.
Thank you for our very special journey. You have opened our eyes and helped them see.
And thank you to all of our new friends who made our trip even more special.
We feel you are now like our family, as we shared so many marvellous moments.
Still on a high!

Ruth and Robert Epstein, Melbourne (India, Feb 2012)

As we reflect on our past, busy and eventful year, our travel in India stands out as a spectacular highlight.

We frequently think and talk about that unique experience and recall with infinite pleasure the sights,
sounds, spice and novelty of each place, as well as the warmth, friendship and camaraderie of the group.
...wonderful memories ... amazing organisation of this perfect trip.

Rolene and Danny Lamm, Melbourne (India Feb 2012)

Yes, we often think and talk about our wonderful trip to India- what an amazing trip it was

with such amazing wonderful people!

Alan and Laya Lurie, Jerusalem (India Feb 2012)

Each day provided a new celebration of life as we saw different cultures portray their beauty

and heritage through different sights, sounds, tastes and smells. INDIA was a delight for all the senses! T
he trip was filled with many wonderful images but the bonds of friendship that were created are something that
I know will be cherished for a lifetime.
I'm thankful to have had this opportunity to travel together and meet so many special people.
From Australia to Britain to Israel and throughout the US, each of you added a valued ingredient
in making this adventure so incredible. I'm so very grateful for the journey and the new friends I've made.
I look forward to when our paths cross again, and wish everyone a beautiful, healthy,
prosperous life filled with yiddishe nachas always for many years to come!
Thank you again for making this dream trip possible for all of us. We shall never forget it.


Our trip to India still remains forever etched in my memory, but especially in my soul.
It is rare to go a week without someone stopping me to inquire about this experience.
The response they get for me is the raves about the beautiful people, the interesting religions,
the fascinating places, and especially the culinary experience of colorful India.
It usually leads me to stories and stories about the incredible and perfectly planned journey we had together.
All the best to both of you...keep creating these experiences of a lifetime .....I know we will soon travel together again

Careena Parker, Englewood (India Feb 2012)

6 months later!!

Each time we have an opportunity to review our photos we marvel at the friendships made and the good
times reflected in them, and fondly remember stories, elephant rides, and exotic cuisine shared together.
It really was an amazing trip!

Esther Lerer , Careena Parker and of course mama Gitta Nagel (India Feb 2012)

Now that we've had time to contemplate what we

just experienced over the past two weeks, Shaynee and I just want to
thank you for what we realize was a trip of a lifetime.
I can truly say it was one of the best vacations I've ever taken and look forward to the next trip we BE"H will take with you.
As you already know, Yuval was a gem that you found!! Don't lose him.
All our best,

Marty & Shaynee Kessler NY (Nam/Cam Jan 2012)

We had a great time ... thanks

Ronald & Sara Gottlieb, Florida (Nam/Cam Jan 2012)

I would like to thank you (and Leora) for the wonderful trip to Vietnam and Cambodia,

it was an experience that I will never forget.
I enjoyed every minute and would not have wanted to miss any part of the seeing the ruins.

Evelyn Fuhrer, NY (Nam/Cam Jan 2012)
We have returned to 'normal' in our lives here in Israel after the most
incredible trip that my family has experienced in many years.
I do not know where to begin as to the feedback that I/we can give to
you for a perfectly executed holiday trip from A to Z and then some!
Your venues, menus, schedules, nuances, and details from morning to
night and beyond were truly a dream that kept repeating itself to
greater heights each day from the time we landed in Porto on 14 August
until we returned to Israel on 26 August from Madrid.
The care, concern, and extra effort that you and Aya gave our family,
especially making sure that Cheri could do almost everything on this
tour, with and without the golf cart chair, that we shlepped to and from
city to city and bus to bus(with your help lifting too) will never be
forgotten. I can tell you that as a client of this terrific trip in Portugal, Gibraltar, and Spain, I was awed at the perfection.
The mix of the 30 of us in the group was 'min hashayim' as we all became
one family in the first few hours!
On behalf of Cheryl, Nechama, and Simcha, I would like to tell you yasher
koach, kol hakavod, and all the rest for a trip of a lifetime.
So, until our next trip together, we Tannenbaums, want to say TODAH
RABAH for everything...

Harvey Tannenbaum, Efrat (Portugal & Spain Aug, 2011)

The Aber's had a blast from A to Z. We are so appreciative to you for making this happen.

Thanks to Emunah, Eric and Aya and the most eclectic group of people spending a week and a half in Portugal and Spain.
May we share in many more happy times.

Nochum Aber, NY (Portugal and Spain August, 2011)

The trip was really great... you deserve accolades and accolades for

organizing it... and for pulling it off with such aplomb.
So I am back at the office, trying to catch up on two weeks' worth of backlog–
thinking about the great vacation that we all just shared.
Nice to hear I am not alone in my musing!
Here's to a great glass of red wine and hoping to see you all again soon!

Etty Weiner, NY (Tuscany July 2011)

Fran and I have been back home since Thursday evening.

I spent yesterday, and so far today, in my NY office, and I keep asking myself the question,
WHY? Why aren't we back in Italy? Fran and I had a wonderful time with you all, and we were really sorry when it ended.
May we all have the good health, the wherewithal, and the mindset to continue taking these wonderful vacations.
And who knows, we may meet up again.

Ira Herenstein, NY (Tuscany July 2011)

Thanks again for an amazing time

Michael Borenstein, Teaneck (Tuscany July 2011)

Ron and I are still running on the energy from our trip to Greece with you.

We have been fortunate to travel to many places in our life time, relaxing, touring,
learning and enjoying the beauty of haShem's creation. However, our 10 days with you were, by far, the most outstanding.
Your careful preparation, obvious love for education and consideration for and appreciation of those who assisted
you in this undertaking were exemplary. We thank you sincerely and look forward to more amazing trips together.

June & Ron Daniels, Jerusalem (Greek Isles Cruise, 2011)

(Sent to an enquiry from an interested potential participant)

This was an unbelievable trip, with the same attention to detail as in all of Eric's trips (it was our third trip with him).
By nature this is a very expensive trip, but well worth it.
While the small boat does not have the glitz and some of the amenities of a large cruise ship, it is a much better experience.
Most of those on the trip (I am not a swimmer) loved the opportunity to jump off the ship and swim in the Mediterranean --
certainly not an option on a big ship).
One of our favorite islands was Sifnos (I believe I have the correct name)
which is a relatively non touristy island that cannot be accessed by a cruise ship.
Nor is the level of service we received and the al fresco dining for most lunches available on a bigger ship.
Eric upgraded the level of food a notch above his normal great cuisine, undoubtedly because he was trying to replicate that aspect of a cruise.
The cabins were comparable in size to a standard room on a cruise ship and were comfortable and well appointed, but not luxurious.
By traveling on a private ship, the touring was much more comprehensive than it would be a cruise
(e.g. each day was quite full, whether on a tour or recreational activity).
The itinerary was excellent, even though a number of us commented to Eric that perhaps we would have enjoyed
a couple of more hours to use the facilities in the Grand Bretagne (a world class hotel).
Since Eric is a master adapting the itinerary and style of the different types of trips he organizes, he certainly got this one right.
A number of our friends who were not on the trip, are going to go in the future based on our description of the trip.
I strongly recommend that you consider it.

Lanny Oppenheim, Great Neck (Greek Isles Cruise, 2011)

(Sent to an enquiry from an interested potential participant)

Both my wife and I were thoroughly satisfied by the trip.
The boat was great, the cabins are not huge but very comfortable and Eric as usual managed
to combined a Jewish oriented sightseeing trip visiting old Jewish communities, shuls and regular tourists sights and a real relaxing trip.
As to price all I can say is that you get more than your money's worth.

Daniel Benedict, NY (Greek Isles Cruise, 2011)

It is hard to describe the wonderful time that I had over the last ten days!

What do I start with? the blue sea and skies? the views of the islands, the history of the Jews in Greece!?! the Shuls?
"the cemeteries"?? the various and varied islands - each so different. I can go on and on. . . . .
The food was totally fantastic, wonderfully presented and so tasty.
The ship was basic but more than comfortable and suited our needs.
The staff and the service that they gave was superb not to mention the polite friendliness.
Everything was so well organized Eric, even with improvisations when necessary. etc. etc.
I think you even arranged the rough sea Sunday night on purpose so make us all feel even more close together in our "suffering".
Eric, you certainly surpassed yourself this time and this is the voice of experience speaking!!!
But . . . . more than anything else - - it was the people who participated in the group!
The integration already started in Athens airport with a safety-pin.....
whoever was involved will know what I am talking about and the connections just got stronger each day. I
t was such a pleasure to be with you all, to share all the new experiences that we had each day.
Thank you to everyone.
Hope you had good journeys to wherever, either Israel or USA.
Thank you for your wonderful company and look forward to meeting you all again one day P.G.
Warmest best wishes and I miss you already.

Janet Kiesari, Nes Ziona (Greek Isles Cruise, 2011)

This was a phenomenal trip. Eric makes an extremely difficult job look easy.

With the support of his amazing family and handpicked staff, he graciously accommodated all changes and requests and challenges.
We've all been on some spectacular vacations, but this was really something special.
And, yes, you all were a pleasure to spend concentrated time with. What a blessing. Thanks and kudos all around. Barbara and Allen
Raizy, Dani we're with you!
Just say where and when. Jack and I join the Benedicts and the Bornsteins in the thanks
we can't put into words for a most amazing experience. Wishing you and your family the vigor and enthusiasm
to continue doing what you do so well for many years to come!
Just say where and when. Jack and I join the Benedicts and the Bornsteins in the thanks
we can't put into words for a most amazing experience. Wishing you and your family the vigor and enthusiasm
to continue doing what you do so well for many years to come!

Bonnie and Jack Eizikovitz, NY (Greek Isles Cruise, 2011)

Please excuse the tardiness of this note- please know that it is sent with

great appreciation to all of you for making our trip to Greece perfect. Danny had an incredible time -
something I was really worried about- what would I do if he wasn't happy throw him overboard?
jump myself??? Baruch Hashem it wasn't necessary the trip was perfect from the beginning to the end-
I would not change one thing about it. Everyday was better than the one before.
Your enthusiasm is infectious and your confidence empowering. Believe me Danny would never ever be able to get me on an ATV!!
With our very best wishes for continued success in all of your endeavors-

Susan Sklarin, Teaneck (Greek Isles Cruise, 2011)

Thanks for a week we never dreamed possible! The last night and breakfast was simply spectacular...unforgettable.

You gave 150%. You also cured us of our phobia of group travel. You put group travel in simply a totally different category.
Looking forward to the next trip!

Pam and Len Cohen, Chicago (Greek Isles Cruise, 2011)

So much olam hazeh I hope it does not diminish our olam haba :)

But ill take my chances...
Were booking the next possible one..

Dani and Razie Benedict, NY (Greek Isles Cruise, 2011)

Thank you again for a MAGICAL week in Provence.

Meyer Zeifman, Toronto (Provence, May 2011)

Just had to tell you that Manny and I remain on a high from your wonderfully organized tour of Provence,

despite the jet lag and shocking contrast of moving back to crowded, noisy Manhattan.
It is not that we do not love NY, (even if we do not live in a chateau) but the south of France is an interesting gorgeous place
to visit and we miss it. Particularly because we were treated to great daily tours, gourmet meals, and wonderful people.
All in all, thank you for a memorable vacation.

Evelyn Gross, NY (Provence, May 2011)

Hi Eric, the trip was outstanding.

Beverly Kellen, New York (Provence, March 2011)

Dear Eric and Aya,

We cannot stop thinking and talking about our outstanding trip with you to Provence.
As we describe the trip and try to explain how unique it was, from the outstanding cuisine, endless wine, amazing Jewish historical sights, breath- taking visits to charming hillside villages, fascinating Jewish history and also meeting with descendants from les juif du pape, from the Ramchal, and also a thirty-seventh generation descendant from the Rambam.
Your endless knowledge, constant wit and good humor, incredible organization, were only surpassed by your generosity of spirit and wallet.
Our daughters loved every moment of this trip. It was also the most wonderful bonding experience, Boruch Hashem.
We had endless nachas and enjoyment as we watched our girls partake of being in such a delightful setting, imbibing in joie de vivre to it's fullest.
Please give our best to Rabbi Hassid and Isaac who enabled us to enjoy authentic haute French cuisine with reputable and impeccable kashrus.
Normally one might end this letter with Vive la France, but a more appropriate ending for us would be -
Am Yisrael Chai!

Judi and Jake Ackerman and the girls (Provence March 2011)

Dear Aya,

Thanks for these lovely photos that give such a wonderful feeling inside when thinking of the past week!
The whole week was marvelous, great hotel, wonderful food that is impossible to describe although
your photos greatly help to explain how the food looked and is making me drool just thinking of what we ate.
You are a wonderful organizer, everything was so successful because you put your heart into what you do
and it was felt in everything that you did to make us feel comfortable. It was a delight being in the company of you and Isaac,
you are a wonderful couple - both so thoughtful and loving.
Thanks Aya for everything.
Stay in touch through Skype and when you come to Israel we can make a group reunion,
I know that the others will be just as happy as me to meet you again.
Yashar Koach.

Janet Kiesari, Rishon LeZion (Provence March 2011)

Hi Eric,

Just a quick note of thanks for the unique and enriching experience we had
in Spain. We are singing your praises to all who will listen, and look forward to another wonderful adventure sometime in the future.
Johnny is continuing the journey by reading "The Last Jew" .
Have a fantastic time in Provence, hope all of your guests are as nice as your Spain crew!!!!!
Regards to Aya and Janet, but I miss Isaac most of all.....because now I have to eat my own cooking!

Debbie Joseph, New York (Andalucia, Spain March 2011)
Hi Eric and Aya,
Got home from israel last night, and didnt want to forget to write you a note. Avram and I had a wonderful trip,
thanks to you guys. You really thought of every detail and all we had to do was 'show up".
Going to Israel from Spain was a real treat, you should consider that as an 'add on",
Thanks again for everything, hopefully your Provence trip is going well, and we look forward to joining you again in the future.
Wishing you a chag kasher v'sameach
PS, Aya could you ask Issac for the gazpacho recipe? TY

Sharon Blumenthal, New York (Andalucia, Spain March 2011)
Eric: A big yasher koach on a job well done. Hakol modim - everyone is in agreement on that. Aya is a real gem, but I'm sure you already know that.
Onward to Provence! Hope we'll hook up in the future.
B'virkat kol tuv!
Aya: Thank you so much for going the extra mile. Prepaying the taxi, packing the food! What a delightful surprise.
I wanted to get in touch with you right away, but of course there was so much mail, work, Shabbat, etc.
But that doesn't mean we weren't talking about how lovely everything was, and especially your hard work and dedication. Everything is very much appreciated. May you and you family be blessed! L'Hitraot!

Pnina and Jacob Graff, Los Angeles (Andalucia, Spain March 2011)

To all our new friends
We also want to let you know how much we enjoyed the trip. It was certainly one of the best trips we have taken.
The combination of interesting places, a well planned itinerary with excellent guides,
good food and accommodations made it most comfortable and pleasant.
But most important it was the warm and delightful company of everyone on the trip that made it special.
We hope that all of you will stay in touch. For those of you who don't live in Israel,
lease let us know before you come on a trip so we can arrange to host you at our home. We have lots of room.
We wish all of you a joyous and "freiliche" Purim.
Chag Sameach

Charlotte & Morry Blumenfeld, Jerusalem (Andalucia, Spain March 2011)

Hello Everybody,

By now we have settled back into our everyday life in Jerusalem and we have only memories, pictures and new friendships
to remind us of our wonderful week in Spain with Eric and Aya.
Maybe "only" is not a good word to use as the memories and friendships are beautiful and hopefully long-lasting.
I dont know about you, but for Judy and I, the trip was far more than we bargained for.
We walked away with a real feeling for the history of Spain and met so many nice, interesting people along the way.
Of course, any trip can be greatly enhanced by the cohesiveness of the group and fortunately we had a great group.
While I recognize that a trip like this is but a small window in time and space - almost like a dream- that can never be repeated,
we would love to stay in touch and welcome anybody visiting Israel or already in Israel to visit.

Gerry Ziering, Jerusalem (Andalucia, Spain March 2011)
We arrived safely and we had a fantastic trip. Once again we thank
you and Aya for the extremely well planned and executed vacation. We
know a lot of work goes into the planning and we appreciate all your
efforts. Hope to take another trip with you some time in the future.
Enjoy your trip and good luck in Provence.

Gerry Ziering, Jerusalem (Andalucia, Spain March 2011)

MARSHA FEDERBUSH, TEL AVIV(Andalucia, Spain March 2011)
What a great trip!!!
Great food, Great travels and Great People
Thanks for putting it all together
Keep us informed on the Provence trip.
Shabbat Shalom
Buenos Shabbat

Larry Lerner, New York (Andalucia, Spain March 2011)

Hi Eric:
I've arrived home safely and happily B"H and am already back into routine,
catching up on work and preparing for Shabbat.
I wanted to express my appreciation for a sensational trip and an overall wonderful experience.
Your leadership and knowledge really brought the tour onto a different level,
and together with the spirit of the group, the lovely accommodations and the beauty of Spain it was an extraordinary week.
I am looking forward to joining you in the future!
Please send my best to Naomi and enjoy a restful Shabbat!

Debbie Kamioner, NY (Andalucia, Spain March 2011)
Dear Eric,
I want to express my warmest appreciation to you and your delightful daughters Leeora and Maya
and to the whole team for a most wonderful holiday and a fantastic experience.
Having never participated in such a structured tour before I was unsure as to how it would work out.
To my delight and that of my daughter-in-law Yael it turned out to be an amazing trip.
The quality of the food and wines, the varied daily programs that accommodated everyone's interests
and the atmosphere and dynamics between most members of the group were a credit to your organisational skills
and your infectious delight in all that you do. Thank you for making such an experience available to us.
Hoping to catch up with you again some time soon. All the best for future endeavours.
Warmest regards
Shabbat shalom

Bev Rockman, Australia (Amalfi, October 2010)

Dear Eric, Naomi, Leora and Maya,
Nathan and I returned late Sunday night from our fabulous trip to Italy.
We want to thank you all for making it such an amazing vacation – a vacation we will never forget – a real vacation!
Our weekend in Rome was wonderful. We walked and toured a lot in a very short time.
We will tell you that we had to think of what we should do, what we should see, where should we go,
how we would get to our destination, what our next destination would be,
what time we should leave to make it in time for the next destination, what type of transportation we should take,
what time we should eat, where we could eat, where we should eat, what we should eat.....
You made all those decisions for us last week – and they were all perfect – and that's what we so loved about the trip.
Yes, the people were nice and the food was extraordinary.....and we thank you for that also.
We look forward to more vacations with the Goldberg's!
When you see or speak to Assi, please tell him how much we enjoyed his 'creations' and how much I enjoyed learning from him.
Thanks again. All the 'details' were much appreciated.

Shari and Nathan Lindenbaum, New York (Amalfi, October 2010)


We had a very special time with the Goldbergs and all those that shared our trip to the Amalfi coast.
what was so special? let us count the ways:
a well conceived and implemented itinerary that had at least one unique experience a day:
rediscovering Pompeii on Friday; the walk in Sorrento, ice cream and furniture workshop on shabbat;
the sky high hike on the edge of the mountain range over Positano on Sunday; the Greco/Roman temples on Monday;
the walk and splendor of Capri topped off by the wind swept boat ride along the coast on Tuesday.;
the stunning beauty of Ravello on Wednesday.; the national museum in Napoli on Thursday.
rediscovering Pompeii on Friday; the walk in Sorrento, ice cream and furniture workshop on shabbat;
the sky high hike on the edge of the mountain range over Positano on Sunday; the Greco/Roman temples on Monday;
the walk and splendor of Ca
the sky high hike on the edge of the mountain range over Positano on Sunday; the Greco/Roman temples on Monday;
the walk and splendor of Capri topped off by the wind swept boat ride along the coast on Tuesday.;
the stunning beauty of Ravello on Wednesday.; the national museum in Napoli on Thursday
the stunning beauty of Ravello on Wednesday.; the national museum in Napoli on Thursday.
* lavish, world-class meals with taste and variety fit for a king-take a bow asi-your fare was
worthy of Naomi catering at its best
* interesting individuals and couples that made up the group who made for good company and fellowship on bus, trail and at the table
*congenial daily t'filla, highlighted by impromptu mincha services strewn in uncanny places
all along the coast and wonders of wonders, an eruv for shabbat
*Maya backstage and Leora on stage catering to one and all with calm spirit and impeccable efficiency-
every one could claim
every one could claim le-for me ora-she shed light
and, to be sure, the quiet warmth and calm of Naomi
*and above all, ERIC, the brilliant impresario who made it all happen with humor,
boundless enthusiasm and creative innovations to meet the wants as well as the needs of his client/friends
Our heart-felt thanks to all who contributed to a truly exceptional experience.
חן, חן- כפתור ופרח
בידידות..אהרן ומרים

Miriam Lehman & Aaron Singer, Jerusalem (Amalfi October 2010)

What can we say... that hasn't been already said?!?!?!

That you understand the "science" of making your guests feel cared for?
That your warmth and intelligence come through at every turn?
That your itinerary is a wonderful combination of information and beauty, both Jewish and otherwise?
That your food (and beverages) are as delicious as they are varied?(Regards to Isaac!)
We are glad we made the decision to finally join you and grateful for having for having gotten to know you.
All the best,

Sheila and Norm, New York (Andalucia, Spain June 2010)

Dear Eric and Aya:

My Mother and I wanted to express our hakaras hatov to you for a most exceptional touring
experience! As my Mother told my siblings upon her return, it was so wonderful much more than she ever expected!
In your advertising you say you won't need to buy a thing that was true from the first morning
when you refused my Mother's offer of a drink. But it was so much more than that!
The personal attention to every detail making it look effortless which I know from experience requires
tremendous behind the scenes preparation.
On a personal note you accommodated my diet, and provided my Mother with personal attention,
arrangements, and private guiding when she couldn't keep up with the group.
This was always done with a smile, and an attitude that WE were doing YOU a tova instead of the reverse.
I can't wait to tell my New York friends (they all travel) about your wonderful tour.
Thank you again!
Shabbat Shalom on behalf of my Mother and myself)

Lisa Erdfarb, Har Nof Jerusalem (Andalucia, Spain June 2010)


We just wish to thank you for a fabulous trip. Everything was 1st class & the attention to detail was second to none.
There was nothing that you & Aya did not not think of & it was clear that your only concern was making your participants happy.
The tours were educational, interesting, & fun and we enjoyed all the guides.
The meals were delicious & we always looked forward to something new & different. To top it off, you are an exceptional leader.
Your knowledge, exuberance, wit, & great sense of humor guaranteed that there was never a dull (or quiet) moment.
We're sorry we couldn't meet Naomi, but Gila, your mother, & the rest of your family more than made up for it.
We certainly hope to travel with you again.

Ronnie & Sara Gottlieb, New York (Andalucia, Spain June 2010)

Dear Eric,

Arrived back in Israel safely at 2:30 a.m., baruch Hashem.
Wanted to fill you in on a few things.
First of all, Maria, our guide for the Caserta Palace was fabulous and we very much appreciated her.
Second, Rome was divine, made especially so by our Vatican Guide, Daniella, who was superb,
informative, friendly, warm, welcoming, and absolutely delightful.
Third, I don't know if you heard me tell my "tale of woe", having left my beloved jacket in a coffee bar in the Rome Train Station.
I asked dear Maria to write me a note in Italian that said I had left my jacket the previous Tuesday and might they have it.
On Monday, upon arriving at the train station in Rome, we managed to find the coffee bar, found the same terrific server.
I gave her my note and she said, "Si", and gave me my jacket.
My dear mother always says, "When does a poor man feel rich?
When he loses something and finds it again." It was a blessed finish to a perfect trip.
And finally, when Steve tried to return to you the 5 Euro you lent me, you told him to give it to tzedaka.
Please know that, although we did not have the time to go on the tour,
we went into the Rome Synagogue in the Ghetto and put the 5 Euro in their very elaborately sculpted Tzedaka Box.
Thank you and Tizkeh l'mitvot.
We hope you are having a most enjoyable week in Andalusia, even though you must be terribly missing each of us from your Amalfi trip.
Warm good wishes to you and Naomi and Liora.
Many thanks for a glorious venture.
Travel safely and happily.
See you in Jerusalem,

Clara and Steve, Jerusalem (Amalfi, May 2010)

Hi Eric

Just want to thank you for a wonderful trip. Sara and I had a great time and we appreciate your work in making that happen.
I've given your phone to Pamela Rechtscaffen – thanks for the use.
Good wishes on your next gig.

Hedda Rudoff (Amalfi, November 2009)

Dear Eric.
Now that we have had a few days to unwind from our Greek experience we can only tell you that the trip gets more incredible with every passing moment. We have not stopped singing your praises for the manner in which you orchestrated all our fun-filled excursions fraught with some fiery scenes, Jewish historical content, authentic Greek cuisine and magnificent destination points with kosher food.....it was a trip of a lifetime.
We know such organization requires superb team effort and on behalf of the entire Koschitzky clan. Julia and Henry, Sarena and David, Hartley and Faye, Jonathan and Tamar, Leelah and Joseph and children ----a big warm thank you and Yasher Koach for attending to all our needs. We have stories to tell that will last until the next time.
With much appreciation to all of you....Eric... to your children Yoel, Ofra, Liora, Maya, Zev and family...you were all amazing.
With every good wish.

from the Koschitzky clan , Toronto, New York, Raanana (Zakynthos, Greece, August 2009)