1 week

day 1 - Img

day 1

Arrival Day


We will collect you from the only international airport (KEF). Depending on your time of arrival we will either start with something to eat, something to see or, if it is towards evening, we will head directly for our lovely hotel where the chefs will be busy preparing the welcome dinner.

day 2 - Img

day 2


There are so many amazing "Wonders of the Creator" here, it's hard to decide which ones NOT to see!!

Every day except Shabbat we will visit a selection of the must-see sights of Iceland. We try not to drive too far from the hotel so as to maximise the time on the ground.

day 3 - Img

day 3


There are a number of exciting activities that many visitors are keen to enjoy - helitours, snowmobile tours on the glacier, horseriding, ATV tours etc etc. These are at additional cost. We are keen to make those available to you. Our groups are small so we can plan the tour schedule to accommodate as much as possible of these activities to create your personal dream Iceland vacation.

day 4 - Img

day 4


At least one day we will offer a "serious" hike lasting several hours. This will of course be designed bearing in mind the desires and capabilities of the guests. We may even run 2 hikes in parallel at different levels of challenge.

day 5 - Img

day 5

Rejkyavik and the Blue Lagoon

The capital city is small with some worthwhile places to visit and shopping for soubvenirs and local crafts. We may not do this the same day but most people will want to visit the Blue Lagoon to immerse in the natural hot waters.

Did you know that every home in Iceland is supplied with FREE hot water 24/7, sourced from under the ground?

day 6 - Img

day 6


However you pronounce it - the excitement of the eruption, every few minutes, is the same. The geothermal activity in Iceland is one of the BIG attractions and we'll see a geyser in action and other fascinating natural phenomena.

day 7 - Img

day 7


Any one week tour includes Shabbat. Our hotel is away from everything so there will be time to relax, to eat and to pray. But there is always more on a Naomi Shabbat. We'll have a speaker on Icelandic culture and, as on all our trip to Spa Hotels, you can book a massage or two. Yes, for those interested, we'll show the halachic sources which permit massages on Shabbat!! 

day 8 - Img

day 8


We have to get you to the airport on time but depending when you fly maybe there will be time for some final sightseeing or more time in Rejkyavik en route to the airport.

We're sorry to have to say goodbye ... but there are many other beautiful destinations where we hope you will join us in the not-too-distant future בע"ה.