Morocco DLX Tour 2020


May 5 - 14, 2020


11 day, 10 nights


from $8950 pp


day 1 - Img

day 1

Thursday Dec 5: arrival day

You arrive directly to Fez (FEZ) where the tour starts with an overview of the city followed by a welcome delicious Moroccan Dinner in our gorgeous hotel.

Best flights info: please ask. Good connex from NY and TLV, direct from LON

Hotel Sahrai 5*: 4 nights (including Shabbat)

Although there are only 40 Jews still living here, there is a minyan every Friday night and Shabbat morning and a Kosher club for the members

day 2 - Img

day 2

Friday Dec 6: FEZ whole day tour

A day is only 24 hours long but we will maximize our stay here to visit as many as possible of the general and Jewish sites that make this city so special.

day 3 - Img

day 3

Shabbat Dec 7

We’ll be able to daven in the shul and meet the locals – most of them elderly – who are being strengthened by the visits of the thousands of former Moroccan Jews living in Israel, Canada and elsewhere. They almost always have a minyan on Shabbat evening and morning and, as you can see, sometimes on weekdays too!!

day 4 - Img

day 4

Sunday Dec 8

More touring in and around FEZ with our local guide.

day 5 - Img

day 5

Monday Dec 9 Fez - Sahara Desert

It’s a long way. Either we’ll drive - through the mid-Atlas mountains, stopping at towns and villages along the way… and for a picnic lunch….. OR …. if we are lucky, there may be, as there was last time, a direct flight from Fez to a town near the desert. If it’s running, we’ll take it!! Either way, we plan to reach our destination, one of a very few totally luxury camps in the Moroccan Sahara, for sunset and dinner by candle and starlight..

How do we travel in the desert?? To begin with….

… here are a few of last trip’s intrepid participants.

“Jews on Camels” – but they are the luxury 5* dromedaries, not your ordinary 2* camels!!

They enable us to watch the sunset before we head off to our “camp”. Sunset like any other? Look at this foto taken by Barry Korzen…. with no lighting tricks!! That’s the color of the sand!! There were 3 models there for a foto-shoot!!

YES – this is a TENT WITH AIRCON!! (see image) in which you will spend an AMAZING night deep in the Sahara desert. And YES – there’s en-suite bathroom in each one!!

This is an experience we guarantee you’ll NEVER forget!!

day 6 - Img

day 6

Tuesday Dec 10

Sunrise is at a respectable 8am. We’ll have breakfast, enjoy an ATV/quad bike tour, daven and breakfast before heading off to the South.

We can stop for carpets too, if you want!!

Our drive will take us through the Todra Valley where we’ll streeeetch our legs in the gorge, see the lakes and get to Ouarzazate for the evening flight to Marrakech!!

day 7 - Img

day 7

Tuesday Dec 10 til Sunday Dec 15 …. Marrakech

We BE”H will have our own private Riad!!

After being nomadic ourselves we will welcome the 5 nights in the same bed in the warm and luxurious Riad Nashira which our guests have so enjoyed on previous trips.

From Wednesday to Friday we’ll be touring both in and out of Marrakech.
There’s so much to do here – just google Marrakech - “things to do”.
We’re going to try to do all the “must-see’s and must-do’s. We have a full 3 days here (plus Shabbat) and we want to leave you hungering to return!!

There’s the Ourika valley, picnicking IN the river and hiking the bare rugged terrain to the waterfall. In Marrakech itself, we’ll explore the Medina, the mellah (former Jewish area) and the souks, and maybe meet the King in his private hotel, The Royal Mansour.

On Shabbat, we’ll be in downtown Marrakech, able to visit the Shul and other places of interest.


day 8 - Img

day 8

Sunday Dec 15.... Departure day

We’ll say goodbye as you head off to Marrakech airport or train station to take flights either from Marrakech or from Casablanca.