Applicable to all tours unless as otherwise indicated

Wining and Dining

Our signature combination - local gourmet cuisine prepared by local chefs under the scrutiny of a Mashgiach.

The hotels propose menus which we discuss and finally approve. These are designed to give our guests the culinary experiences that are as close as possible to those enjoyed by non-kosher guests. Given that the hotels we stay at are usually in the best categories, the executive chefs too tend to be superb.

Fine kosher wines, local if possible, are served at Dinner…. without limit.

Special Diets and Preferences

As indicated, we leave the menus largely to the chefs. Most dinners are served fixed menus, most lunches are a “buffet on the move”. Fish is often the main protein at lunch and a starter at dinner.

Therefore, please let us know if you have allergies, special dietary needs (beyond the kosher of course) or simply don’t like certain foods so that we can take care of you as best possible.

Kashrut and Shabbat

A Rav Machshir is appointed for every destination to:-

a) set the standards of Kashrut to be applied

b) approve ingredients and kitchen arrangements

c) appoint Mashgichim to be on site at each place where food is cooked (although not necessarily where eaten)

d) ensure strict Shabbat observance in the kitchen

The Rav Machshir is typically the Mara d’Atra in the place visited who knows what local products are permissible and can speak to the chefs in their own language.

All meat is "Glatt" or “Halak Bet Yossef”, either local or brought from Israel.

All milk and milk products are “Chalav Stam” with the approval of the Rav Machshir.

Chalav Yisrael is sometimes available, if requested in advance.


On most tours there are enough men to make Minyanim. Tefillot are held 3 times per day and a Sefer Torah accompanies every tour where a Minyan is guaranteed.

If you are a Ba’al Koreh (or professional Gabbai) please come forward. Chazanim are welcome too (within reason!!)

Dress Code

There is no dress code for any day of the week, and we encourage a relaxed atmosphere. No need ever to “dress up”, even on Shabbat, casual goes. Feel at home – we often don’t even make time to change for dinner (unless the day was particularly strenuous) as we want to use every minute of the day to the maximum.


We will send you more info shortly before each trip but the general rule is “less is more”!!


The advertised price is always per person, sharing a room.

There are supplements for single use of a room and for upgrades.

not included in the price of your trip

flights to the meeting point and from the departure point

internal flights (unless otherwise stated)

spending money: plenty to choose from, although we don’t program much time for shopping. However you can always go off on your own and meet us later!!

insurance: all clients should be aware that while all efforts are made to avoid any problems before during or after your trip, Naomi carries no insurance for your health or luggage. While using the services only of registered suppliers, we recommend that you purchase fully comprehensive travel insurance, to include cancellation, as Naomi cannot be held liable for any mishaps during your stay.

tips: we recommend a sum per guest for each tour to cover all the good people who work for the success of the tour – guides, bus drivers, chefs, waiters and chambermaids: we will collect and distribute for you.