For 20 years or more the name Naomi has been associated with the finest culinary offerings available in Israel, whether in the context of smachot or as take-out fresh food for weekends and Chagim.

But Naomi is a real person too. A person who for 30 years has had a passion for travel with her family, giving them experiences equivalent to (some would say better than) that enjoyed by a non-kosher traveler visiting that same destination. She used villas, now she uses Grand Villas and hotels!!

It’s the same Alhambra Palace in Granada, the same Leaning Tower in Pisa, but later, when you sit in the dining room drinking the best local kosher wines and enjoying authentic local cuisine, served by professional waiters on china dishes, it takes the Palace and the Tower to a whole new level.


A major part of a group experience is the group – and if there are too many it loses its intimacy. Obviously it would be crazily expensive to set up such a complicated logistical infrastructure for 4 or 6 people, but with 20 – 40 people on each trip, the feeling is of being a part of a group but where every individual is important to its success.


Yes, we take Kashrut and Shabbat very seriously. But we use regular milk and other products approved by local rabbinic authorities as much as possible, as part of the overall effort to make the local culinary experience as authentic as possible. Shabbat too is observed 100%, but that does not stop us making arrangements to visit places of interest in walking distance of the hotel and even stopping for a drink on the way!! No dress code. No daily learning. No formality at all….


Let’s be honest – how much can you take of history of church architecture?? Naomi knows what you enjoy, because she’s been taking trips like this for 30 years. So we’ll point out the church as we pass, but the guides we choose are chosen because they have the information you are interested to know – the Jewish angle. In fact many of the “guides” are not guides at all.

In addition, there’s hiking and biking on most tours and, more important, our tours are designed for people who don’t go on tours: since we return every day to the same place we started and as all our guests are perfectly capable of looking after themselves, we are always happy to see guests go off on their own to do whatever it is that makes them happy. It makes the stories told over dinner great too!!!